Makes it more likely that you can see the doctor of your choice
Allows patients to see the provider of their choice without having to pay expensive out-of-network costs
Has insurance companies open their networks to any provider willing to meet the company's terms
Allows patients of major health care system-sponsored insurance plans to see competing doctors without penalty
it’s your health. it’s your doctor. it should be your choice.
2016 Legislative Update
Initiated Measure 17 Expands Provider Options for South Dakota Patients
Patient Choice allows insured patients improved and less costly access to highly qualified, quality physicians that may be better suited or more familiar and convenient than those offered by the insurance company chosen by their employer.

In some instances, a change of insurance may make it cost prohibitive for a patient to see their long-term provider. For example, if an employer selects a new group health insurance plan from a company that uses a closed network, an employee's longtime primary care provider may be excluded from the network if he is not an employee of the hospital system that owns the insurance company that issued the new group policy. This results in the employee paying expensive out-of-pocket costs or finding a new, unfamiliar provider.

Under Initiated Measure 17, insurance companies would be required to open their networks to qualified providers who meet the insurance company's requirements.
Initiated Measure 17 Improves Health Care Quality and Outcomes
When patients are able to conveniently use providers with whom they are comfortable and who are familiar with their personal and family histories, medications and lifestyles, the relationship minimizes the chances of clinical errors, and improves continuity of care, patient satisfaction and overall quality of care.
Initiated Measure 17 Improves Patient Safety
By using doctors that are familiar with their concerns, and reducing re-education and unnecessary travel, there are fewer opportunities for errors and accidents.